Superior Remanufacturing Process for Unmatched Efficiency

At ASAP Compressors, we follow a meticulous and robust remanufacturing process to deliver compressors tuned to deliver unmatched performance. Each compressor goes through rigorous disassembly, cleaning, and parts inspection stages. 

Our Process

Disassembly - The Foundation of a Reliable Compressor

Each compressor must be completely disassembled to the bare casing to ensure thorough cleaning and accurate inspection. At ASAP Compressors, the remanufacturing journey of every unit commences from comprehensive disassembly, making way for a detailed cleaning process.

Cleaning - A Thorough Purge for Clear Evaluations

We employ diverse cleaning methods to ensure the efficient removal of paint, grease, and other contaminants. The cast and steel housings and parts are baked in an oven at 800 degrees for 6 hours before being subjected to a high-velocity shot blasting machine. This process leaves the metal in a pristine state akin to virgin material.  

The parts then undergo a multi-cycle washing process where they are treated with a mild acidic solution, rinsed with hot water (190 degrees), and finally sprayed with a rust inhibitor. Some aluminum and smaller parts are cleaned in a vibratory cleaner using a mild degreasing cleaner. Our thorough cleaning process enables easy examination by technicians to determine if they meet original specifications or will require machining or replacement. 

Parts Inspection – The Final Quality Check

We understand the significant impact a marginal deviation from the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications can have on the compressor’s performance. That’s why we inspect every part for utmost precision. Parts that do not meet the original manufacturer’s tolerances are machined to alternative approved specifications or replaced with new ones, elevating the reliability of each remanufactured compressor.  

We also cater to your other cooling needs like stocking refrigeration oil by the gallon and quart (AB, POE, Mineral) as well as unloaders, heaters, service valves, etc. 

Experience the superior performance of our meticulously remanufactured compressors. Dive into the world of ASAP Compressors, where precision, reliability, and performance converge. Contact us for more details.