Elevate Your Cooling Expertise with ASAP Compressors’ In-Depth Compressor Training

Refine your understanding and skills with ASAP Compressors’ in-depth compressor training. Held on-site at our plant in Baltimore and remotely when possible, our training sessions empower attendees with a broad, deep knowledge of air conditioning and refrigeration compressor operations and maintenance.  

Comprehensive Compressor Classes

Our compressors class covers essential topics ranging from startup procedures to field services and insightful analysis of compressor failures. Delve into the causes of failures, learn to identify and avoid them, and get a feel of the ASAP testing system through live demonstrations. 

Field service topics such as safety, unloaders, valve plates, oil pumps, terminal assemblies, and relief valves feature prominently in our course. Plus, you can witness a teardown of failed compressors and partake in a thorough analysis. 

Compressor Teardown Night

Experience the practical aspects of compressor operations and analysis in our attendee participatory session, ‘Compressor Teardown Night.’ This engaging class covers shop and field safety, unloaders, valve plates, oil pumps, and terminal assemblies. 

Adult learning is most effective when it’s hands-on, and we make this a reality by letting attendees carry out the teardown of failed compressors. Boost your practical skills and understanding of compressors by analyzing failure factors and pinpointing areas for improvement. 

Join ASAP Compressors’ training sessions and empower yourself with industry-leading expertise and practical skills to master refrigeration and air conditioning systems. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.