Prolong Lifespan with Remanufactured

ASAP Compressors offers high-performance, meticulously remanufactured compressors crafted by an advanced process encompassing numerous steps, from assembly and rigorous testing to conducting a thorough leak check. 

Our Remanufacturing Process

Assembly – Restoring Vitality with Focus on Precision

Replacement of inefficient and life-sensitive parts marks the start of the assembly process. Every part used meets or exceeds the original manufacturer’s specifications, enabling the compressor to deliver optimal performance. We stringently sample and test parts before using them or stocking our inventory, thanks to our ISO 9001:2015 quality management program. Our assembly technicians, well-versed with the latest tools, technology, and specifications, meticulously orchestrate the entire process. 

Testing – Beyond Just Industry Standards

Our commitment to quality doesn’t just stop at assembly. Upon successful assembly and charge with the correct type and quantity of oil, a basic operational run test checks parameters such as oil pressure, amperage, unloader operation, discharge valve leak back, etc. 

Going beyond industry norms, ASAP Compressors simulates a cooling operation for a comprehensive functionality check. The compressor is hooked up to our unique test chiller, charged with freon, and run-tested under load – much like how it would function when installed in your system.  

This method enables us to evaluate its cooling capabilities and vital functions before shipping accurately. We record all operating data on the Work Order as the compressor is tested under various simulated conditions to ensure seamless functioning. 

Evacuation/Leak Check – Ensuring the Finest Quality

Upon achieving satisfactory performance, the compressor is disconnected from the test chiller, sealed, evacuated, and charged with dry nitrogen. It is then submerged in water to check for potential gasket leaks that could cause inconvenience in the field. In the presence of leaks, the nitrogen pressure causes bubbles to form underwater, which can then be addressed and the procedure repeated. Leak checks are performed before and after the compressors are run under load on our variable tonnage test chiller. 

Once leak check and run testing are completed the compressor is then dried. Once dry it goes to the paint booth to be painted and will then be placed into stock or shipped out for an order.

Experience soaring comfort and efficient cooling with the superior performance of our carefully remanufactured compressors. Choose ASAP Compressors for an exceptional cooling experience that defines reliability. Get in touch with us if you have questions.